Francisco Daniel Cabrera Guzmán | ANIMATION | National | 2016 | 5: 10

Ibi needs to study for her test, she do not have the notes and asks one of hes friends. When Ibi is left without energy in a crucial moment unleashes an adventure to get those notes.

The Fertility of the Soil1° DOCUMENTAL

Lila Avilés Solís | DOCUMENTARY | National | 2016 | 14: 27

A documentary about the importance of taking care and respect for the land, the man and all forms of life, as an eternal cooperation, having as main premise, heal the earth to heal the man. The whole story is told through the doctor and farmer Dieter le Noir in his ranch Valley La Paz.


Franco Pane Naranjo | DOCUMENTARY | National | 2016 | 6: 40

Through the eyes of a renown chef and an academic investigator, we take a look at mexican insect-eating culture and how this type of alimentation may save some of Mexico's cultural heritage and also help the planet.

The Battle of the Pans3° DOCUMENTAL

Itandehuy Castañeda | DOCUMENTARY | National | 2016 | 10: 22

Stories of social resistance of great women in the village of Tepoztlán, before mega projects as a scenic train, cable car, golf club and the expansion of the highway and others. Stories told from her private life are intertwined with the history of México and the world today.


Ane Rodríguez / Lore Monteiro | FICTION | National | 2016 | 5: 31

Beto, a very special sailor, starts a trip in which he navigates an unknown direction and whereby he discovers a land that will be transformed into something he never imagined.

Clara & Justina2° FICCIÓN

Jorge Mencos Guzmán | FICTION | National | 2016 | 8: 30

Without knowing each other before, Clara and Justina have crossed paths a total of 253 times in downtown Mexico city. Today that will be change because both have being invited to Doris place, a friend in common.


Los Hermanos Herrera (Guillermo Herrera, Rodrigo Herrera) | FICTION | National | 2016 | 14: 59

Dr. Francisco Lutteroth is a scientist who has been living in the middle of the woods for 300 days, testing a self-sustainable artificial inteligence system that is able to manage and run a closed ecosystem in any residence, where diferent species can cohabit. One day, Marisa the public face of the project, arrives and informs Francisco that the final product needs to be finished ahead of schedule, he now has 24 hours to deliver the final version. Francisco is forced to run the system on automatic without knowing he has made a mistake programming; a mistake that will lead him to discover that he will run out of power in a few days and, since he did’t consider these new technology as part of the ecosystem, it will destabilize causing several inner problems. Learning from his mistake, he develops a new version of the system; S.A.I.A. 2.0, which is now part of the ecosystem and considers the dynamic needed and equal priorities for every specie`s survival.


Edson Castro | ANIMATION | National | 2016 | 5: 0

Veganism is the right path to follow.



In Mexico, one in ten people do not have access to clean water, Mexican families invest 20% of their income on water trucks. Conventional solutions haven't been able to eradicate this long-term problem nor in a sustainable manner. There is a better alternative: harvesting the rain.

Kids nature3° ANIMACIÓN

Rodrigo Beltrán Soria | ANIMATION | National | 2016 | 0: 0

Kid's Nature its a shortfilm that portrays the everlasting conflict between men and nature through the eyes of a pair of little kids. A conflict that eventually affects everyone involved and can only be solved by the mutual cooperation of both sides.

It's not a game1° CAMPAÑA

José Daniel Aviña Barrientos | AUDIOVISUAL CAMPAIGN | National | 2016 | 1: 0

the damage we have done to earth is presented using only boardgames

there´s still time2° CAMPAÑA

herzen pereda | AUDIOVISUAL CAMPAIGN | National | 2016 | 1: 0

over the years several living beings does extinct including humans

This is nature3° CAMPAÑA

Pablo Antonio Tonatiuh Álvarez Reyes | AUDIOVISUAL CAMPAIGN | National | 2016 | 1: 0

ustainability is a concept of concrete examples of implementing plans that benefit nature without involving excessive economic costs and may even be better for productivity. There are two radical positions , on the one hand the belief that humanity should not intervene the environment, and on the other, that environmental protection is uneconomical , both are wrong , " the righteous can not hear from the ends " . The dialogue thus becomes the first step to survival of the planet .


Tayde Vargas | DOCUMENTARY | National | 2016 | 0: 0

Four voices speak about the influence of travel in nature.


Los Hermanos Herrera (Guillermo Herrera, Rodrigo Herrera) | FICTION | National | 2016 | 14: 59

Dr. Francisco Lutteroth is a scientist who has been living in the middle of the woods for 300 days, testing a self-sustainable artificial inteligence system that is able to manage and run a closed ecosystem in any residence, where diferent species can cohabit. One day, Marisa the public face of the project, arrives and informs Francisco that the final product needs to be finished ahead of schedule, he now has 24 hours to deliver the final version. Francisco is forced to run the system on automatic without knowing he has made a mistake programming; a mistake that will lead him to discover that he will run out of power in a few days and, since he did’t consider these new technology as part of the ecosystem, it will destabilize causing several inner problems. Learning from his mistake, he develops a new version of the system; S.A.I.A. 2.0, which is now part of the ecosystem and considers the dynamic needed and equal priorities for every specie`s survival.

TemporaryBECA VFS

Andrea Natalia Arriaga Pájaro | ANIMATION | National | 2016 | 7: 34

EMPORARY animated short that is in the current problems around nature. Tells the story of two brothers with different views : one scientific and other business , along Preserve reflects on the importance of nature and biodiversity , finding a way to bring their ideas to create a sustainable environment . The short is intended to reflect their characters and conflicts a search of awareness of the importance of protecting biodiversity , flora and fauna , and sustainable use of resources and their integration into everyday life.


Jilli Rose | ANIMATION | International | 2016 | 7: 47

A poetic portrait of scientist Nick Holmes and his work preventing extinctions on islands.

The ExtraordinaryGANADOR 5TA EDICION

Sofía Auza Sierra | DOCUMENTARY | National | 2015 | 3: 35

An observation of the past and the present, and the technological, social and climate changes, reflected on the personal life of Hector and his grandfather.

Paradise1° ANIMACIÓN

David Rodriguez Jaramillo | ANIMATION | National | 2015 | 5: 9

An artic seal witnesses the changes around her while she tries to cope with her new reality.


Marco Antonio Garfias Herrera | ANIMATION | National | 2015 | 5: 0

The land been evacuated and a robot prepares to send humans back to earth after recovery but realizing the damage caused by human repents

Tired to wait3° ANIMACION

Andrea Natalia Pájaro | ANIMATION | National | 2015 | 7: 46

This animation makes a tour a round newspapers, that shows the differents ecologic disasters in consequence of the unconsciousness of the humans generating the climate change. That´s why the title is "Tired to wait", making reference of the mans that only waits for the climate to improve, but doesn´t makes anything to change it.


Gabriel Herrera | DOCUMENTARY | National | 2015 | 8: 30

A group on Andean indigenous communities from the Potato Park in Peru has gathered to join forces against climate change. By reinforcing their millenary culture, their ancient agricultural traditions and knowledge, they will fight the increasing impact that global warming has of their vast potato crops.

Forest and climate change 2° DOCUMENTAL

Manfred Meiners | DOCUMENTARY | National | 2015 | 10: 0

The Earth's climate is being altered by human activities. It is estimated that deforestation contributes globally 17% of carbon emissions. Various forest corners of Mexico are the scenery: in Chihuahua, Michoacan, Mexico State, Oaxaca and the Yucatan, young landowners, foresters, indigenous communities and representatives of civil society bring us to the problem of deforestation but also the type of projects that can contribute significantly to the fight against climate change. Forests are undoubtedly the best partners to address climate change.

The Greenhouse Effect3° DOCUMENTAL

Alejandro Brito Balzaretti | DOCUMENTARY | National | 2015 | 7: 41

At 3930 meters above sea level lives Don Vicente, a working man is using all his resources to adapt to climate change. Don Vicente seeks to create awareness in people before it is too late.

Anthropogenic1° FICCIÓN


A man tries to understand what was his mistake which led him to his situation. Trapped in a cabin in which his life is at stake, he realizes all the damage he has done, leading him to an unexpected end.

Isaías 1: 252° FICCIÓN

Maria Conchita Díaz | FICTION | National | 2015 | 8: 25

Eva (80) and her cat are safeguarded, surviving the heat unbearable due to global warming. In the radio report that the alarm sound should wear a gas mask or else die. Extreme heat transforms the cat in a fierce, frightened Eva committed suicide taking off his gas mask. It starts to rain, and this may be mankind another chance.

Plantae3° FICCIÓN

Rafael Altamira | FICTION | National | 2015 | 7: 31

A man surviving in a post-apocalyptic world, must face the choice to sacrifice himself for the greater good or to continue surviving on his own.



It is an analogy OF PERSON REPRESENTING THE MOTHER EARTH , showing us the main causes of climate change. It is a message to Raise Awareness

If Trees Could... 2° CAMPAÑA

Josefina Mata Zetina | AUDIOVISUAL CAMPAIGN | National | 2015 | 1: 0

What would happen if trees had the same success as the Internet?

The choice of change3° CAMPAÑA

Paola Gómez y Gerardo Ramírez | AUDIOVISUAL CAMPAIGN | National | 2015 | 1: 0

How often do we buy industrialized products, that we could prepare ourselves, for mere convenience; without being aware that the production is the stage that contributes most to global warming. By simply find and consume as little as possible industrial products, we are helping to reduce emissions of GHG (Greenhouse Gas), giving a break to Earth. It is not hard to do this action and greatly contributes to live in a better world.


Adolfo Leyva | FICTION | National | 2015 | 5: 19

Philemon describes his activities suffered daily life affter the great change.


Aranzazu Zamora Arceo | ANIMATION | National | 2015 | 3: 30

In a journey through the history major climate changes occur. The human being contributes to its acceleration devastating the planet.

A passion of gold and fireGANADOR INTERNACIONAL

Pins Sébastien | DOCUMENTARY | International | 2015 | 6: 5

A beekeeper shares his worries about the future of his apiary school. A passion of gold and fire which definitely helps our environment to keep on living.

The Mr. Opossum's gadgets1st place / Solid Waste Edition

Tayde Vargas | Documentary | National | 2014 | 10:00

Mr. Opossum is a recycler that built his house with garbage and now he seeks reused himself.

PETer PlastikVancouver Film School Scholarship

Arnold Abadie | Animation | National | 2014 | 3:34

PETer Plastic discover the benefits and concequences of daily plastic use

DINNER FOR FEW1st Place / International

Nassos Vakalis | Animation | Internacional - Grecia | 2014 | 9:58

“Dinner For Few” is an allegorical depiction of our society. During dinner, "the system" works like a well-oiled machine. It solely feeds the select few who eventually, foolishly consume all the resources while the rest survive on scraps from the table. Inevitably, when the supply is depleted, the struggle for what remains leads to catastrophic change. Sadly, the offspring of this profound transition turns out not to be a sign of hope, but the spitting image of the parents.

NÁUFRAGO1st place / Animation

Edson Castro Garcia | Animation | National | 2014 | 4:20

A castaway finds out he doesnt have more food.

The Machine2nd place / Animation

Rene David Reyes Garcia | Animation | National | 2014 | 3:12

Don Juan shows his son a new machine he has invented, does not know what is the ecological chaos and waste generated. Little Diego will propose a plan to solve the problem.

The same song1st place / Animation

Ricardo Tostado Arévalo | Animation | National | 2014 | 1:18

We describe the magnitude of the problem through the universal language: music. Exhibited at the Hip Hop genre aimed at young people.

Organic - The field and The City -1st place / Documentary

Juan Pablo Rojas | Documentary | National | 2014 | 8:11

Two families, one in the field and one in the city. Both produce and consume organic foods; the interest in healthy eating has approached and together they work on a model that promotes fair trade, ecologically food production and eco friendly waste management, transforming waste into valuable nutrients. Throughout its history the short film reflects on the relationship between our consumption and our waste.

Eco builders Oaxaca2nd place / Documentary

Uriel López Salazar | Documentary | National | 2014 | 10:00

Alicia Arenas and Marcos González Ramón Sánchez Sánchez launched 14 years ago sustainable architectural project that has strengthened simply based on the use of earth, stone, wood and natural fibers and consolidated in the organization "Eco Constructions Oaxaca"

What happen whit all the food that got wasted in México?3rd place/ Documentary

ALEJANDRA BALLINA VILLASEÑOR | Documentary | National | 2014 | 9:39

A documentary that shows something that happens everyday, the waste of food in Mexico, creating awareness at the end to prevent and avoid the waste.

Rubber Walls1st place / Fiction

Mónica Blumen | Fiction | National | 2014 | 10:00

An unemployed musician is alone on the desert road with a flat tire, with no money, he'll try to repair it so he can go to find a new home.

CODEX2nd place / Fiction

Fernando Sepúlveda | Fiction | National | 2014 | 3:00

During the collapse of Earth, Isabela able to benefit from the solid waste to keep the planet alive and give a second chance to humanity. Despite threats succeeds, transmit knowledge to his young son through Codex to share the hope to new generations.

AGE3rd place/ Fiction

Mario Arturo Gordillo Loarca | Fiction | National | 2014 | 10:00

Because of the pollution, the Earth Planet has been damaged, in the middle of the destruction, among the few survivers, a lonely traveler on his struggle to still alive, has developed, using garbage and trash, a fresh water purifier. On his trip he will found something that is more important than his invent.

Daily history1st place / Campaign

Roberto Martínez Báez | Campaign | National | 2014 | 1:00

A small container of juice left through the city trying to find a place to belong

Superficial2nd place / Campaign

Alejandro Brito | Campaign | National | 2014 | 1:00

"What matters is what's inside," right? How many times have we heard this famous quote without thinking about it’s real meaning. Let's face it, we live in a consumer society where most of the time we only care for our own benefit without thinking about the damage we do to our world. There are products which are indispensable in our lives, however, in such cases we don’t think about the outside. It's time to stop and to realize the daily damage that the use of packages cause to the Earth. This campaign shows a comparative of the short time the products we consume last in their decomposition and the time it takes to degrade packaging if it is not recycled. Everything we have ever used is somewhere, but it doesn’t disappear. It's time to become conscious and not ignore the superficial.

D B Duo: G and C3rd place / Campaign

Raúl Agapito Escutia Alonso | Campaign | National | 2014 | 1:00

The double meaning is not a gamble, rather it is your decision. Everything can have a second function, it's just a matter of believing it and hane.

Kauyumari, The Blue Deer1st place / Animation

Arnold Abadie | Animation | National | 2013 | 3:20

Kauyumari the blue deer is the one who guide the wixaritari native mexican pilgrims in their way to Wirikuta.

The Death of Mister Jején2nd place / Animation

Ruy Fernando Estrada Rivera | Animation | National | 2013 | 2:09

Mister Jejen has passed away, many animals go to his funeral without knowing how its death will affect them.

Animal3rd place / Animation

Homero Ramírez / Gerardo Cotera | Animation | National | 2013 | 4:20

The Last Howl of the Mexican Wolf 1st place / Documentary

Tania Escobar Orihuela | Documentary | National | 2013 | 4:20

The importance of the Mexican wolf as a keystone species for the healthy functioning of the forests and the maintenance of its biodiversity.

And What do You See?2nd place / Documentary

Fernando Sepúlveda | Documentary | National | 2013 | 1:58

Peter remembers the most important moments of your life in a forest, comes to a tree felling area and we question the limits.

Wolves1st place / Fiction

Rod Ugalde De Haene | Fiction | National | 2013 | 10:00

A young women researcher tries to get support to find what could be the last mexican wolf living in the wild.

Return2nd place / Fiction

Jorge Mencos | Fiction | National | 2013 | 7:35

The importance of the mexican wolves as key species in the healthy dynamic of the forests and also as key pieces to secure its biodiversity.

Giant3rd place / Fiction

Marco Saenz / Jacobo León | Fiction | National | 2013 | 4:58

Lenny, a third generation lumberjack, is about to confront the last tree on earth...

Help1st place / Campaign

Efren del Rosal Toussaint | Campaign | National | 2013 | 0:59

A group of animals and plants suffers from the consequences of human mistreat.

Key Piece2nd place / Campaign

Pablo Antonio Tonatiuh Alvarez Reyez | Campaign | National | 2013 | 1:00

La deforestación es problema en México. Cuidar nuestros bosques y selvas es proteger nuestra biodiversidad, la pieza clave para lograrlo, es el hombre

Let´s Protect our Forest3rd place / Campaign

Moisés Romeo Guzmnán Aquino | Campaign | National | 2013 | 1:00

A forest that seems far away but it is closer than we think thanks to the services they provide.

Meniscus1st Place / International

Maria -Elena Doyle | Fiction | International | 2013 | 1:00

Meniscus will take you on a journey into human nature where we learn what some would say our souls already know. Spirit is more powerful than flesh.


Ana Cruz | Animation | National | 2013 | 4:31

The Mexican territory stands as a living creature and observe its inhabitants from above seeing their positive and negative actions


Gabriel González (Gabo Gedovius) | Animation | Nacional | 2012 | 5:04

Jobito can not continue playing due to the effects of the misuse of resources and energy with its neighbors. From littering, wasting electricity, using renewable sources and waste water, its neighbors are slowly killing the fun. It is for this reason that comes with the idea Jobito.

Circular1st place / Animation

Aranzazu Zamora y Alexandra Castellanos | Animation | Nacional | 2012 |

A series of actions reckless and seemingly insignificant have big consequences in the world. To stop these actions need to realize that everything we do has an effect. If we act wisely our actions will have a positive effect. If we start making an individual change, this group will grow becoming one

Welcome to the Earth2nd place / Animation

José Alberto Saborit | Animation | Nacional | 2012 |

Welcome to Earth, is a journey through a world made ​​of cardboard, which works in perfect balance. A man takes it with great ideas and the ability to control energy consumption but gets out of control. What could be done to return to balance?

The Boy & The Wind3rd place/ Animation

Luis Tellez | Animation | Nacional | 2012 |

A child discovers wind energy through books and decides to make a windmill.

Where The Wind Blows1st place / Documentary

John Dickie | Documentary | Nacional | 2012 |

In one corner of the state of Oaxaca, where there is no electricity grid, and where the wind stops blowing, some people are building their own wind turbines .. key to better living.

Out to Splurge!3rd place/ Documentary

Joan Cordoves | Documentary | National | 2012 | 4:50

A baseball team decides to play night games, but without spending much Energía.

Human Energy2nd place / Documentary

Carlos Pérez Osorio | Documentary | National | 2012 | 10:00

" This documentary tries to convey that to the ecological and energy, the most important are individual efforts to change our future. More than the transition to renewable energy, what each of us think is evidence that human energy is the fundamental energy t olive better. Therefore it is essential to educate, inform and transmit, so that more and more people join in a great collective thought "

Equilateral1st place / Fiction

Juan Pablo R. Valadez | Fiction | National | 2012 | 3:38

An analogy of the relation between being human, nature and technology showed as a disfunctional family but with many possibilities of recovering.

Good Morning2nd place / Animation

MARCO SAENZ | Fiction | National | 2012 | 3:31

Brief history of Jero, a man who on habitually use sustainable energy, receives a slightly conventional reward...

Little Big Changes3rd place/ Fiction

Pablo Antonio Tonatiuh Álvarez Reyes | Fiction | National | 2012 | 7:19

Gabriel, a kid of 6 years old, shows to the kids in the park the value of an idea in a toy car race.

Don't Stain Sustain1st place / Campaign

Daniel Galileo Alvarez Beltrán / Arturo López Padierna | Campaign | National | 2012 | 1:00

Una campaña que tiene como objetivo promover un uso más eficiente de energí­a utilizando como metáfora la huella de carbono.

Dont Blow It2nd place / Campaign

Adielenah Perez | Campaign | National | 2012 | 1:00

A metaphor on how our unconsciousness makes us contribute to global warming.

Luminance3rd place / Campaign

Israel Rojas Martinez | Campaign | National | 2012 | 1:00

A little girl watches light coming from different parts of the city, she can manipulate it just looking at it, at the end you will discover how she does it.

The Night's Disguise1st Place / International

Javier Marco | Campaign | International- SPAIN | 2012 | 10:00

Stars, tired of being ignored by humans, decide to come down to earth.

A shortcut, One Wayscholarship

Mariana Flores Villalba | Campaign | National | 2012 | 10:16

In small and remote communities where there is no electricity grid, renewable energy is a solution. Thanks to solar panels these communities in Veracruz, México, have electricity.


Daniel Cabrera | Campaign | National | 2012 | 2:55

It's a common night in town, but suddenly something unexpected happens and energy stops.


Emma Guadalupe Lopez Hechem | Campaign | National | 2012 | 2:54

A history about a boy who is conscious of the environmental cost of the production of electricity and he don't want to keep consuming energy.


Alberto Santos / Rodrigo Salom | Animation | National | 2011 | 3:21

The monologue of a person recalls a great moment of his childhood in a river with his friends.

Dried Off1st place / Animation

Andreas "La Mandrágora", papacostas | Animation | National | 2011 | 1:59

A beautiful creature faces the voracity of their environment in such a short 2D animation so poetic, as direct and eloquent

Water Earth2nd place / Animation

Pedro Narvaez / Emma | Animation | National | 2011 | 3:09

Short story that seeks to convey a clear and simple message: Our way of living as a society is seriously affecting our planet and endangering the natural resources for generations to come.

Harvesting Water1st place / Documentary

Ximena Urrutia | Documentary | National | 2011 | 10:09

Everyone talks about the water problem, few of the solution exists and is within our reach.

H2nO2nd place / Documentary

Guinduri Arroyo | Documentary | National | 2011 | 9:59

The problems that experience diferent populations of the state of Jalisco, near the river Santiago, are causing damage to health and the environment. A debate about life and death.

Self-preservation1st place / Fiction

Alejandro Marqúéz Vela | Fiction | National | 2011 | 9:52

In what appears to be a lecture, a mysterious figure gives an anthropological discourse on human nature.

Release of Chaos 2nd place / Fiction

Xul Cristians | Fiction | National | 2011 | 7:35

In a world where water is scarce and polluted, a thirsty man is looking for it.

Clever Girl1st place / Campaign

Luis Raudón | Campaign | National | 2011 | 1:00

A girl is concerned about the water situation and explains, with drawings how difficult it is to have water at home and why we should care for

Go On2nd place / Campaign

Jack y Yossy Zagha | Campaign | National | 2011 | 1:00

Shows through daily actions the direct and irrevocable impact.

Life Of Crabscholarship

Daniel Ruiz Vargas | Scholarship | National | 2011 | 1:18

With the abuse of dominant species to their environment, the creatures of the planet must fight to keep alive in the accelerated environmental change.


Brito Alejandro | Scholarship | National | 2011 | 2:52

By showing actual data, how we use and spend planet earth´s water, such as water. Giving a funny, ironic and different water expenditure approach seeks to create awareness in people, a brief and effective explanation.

Drops Of Hopescholarship

Alejandra Pérez | Scholarship | National | 2011 | 2:30

The desire to help and conserve water, is what keeps this story going.