Climate Change 2015
EcoFilm Festival Climate Change 2015

Climate Change

5th edition, seeks to strengthen the actions of brake and mitigation to climate change and extend the knowledge of the subject, prior to the cop21 in Paris. Were received 838 national and international short films submitted by independent directors, production Mexican and foreign students . The Festival took place from October 2nd closing with cermonia Award on October 7, 2015.

Winner Short Films

Official Selection 2015

Category Title Director Nationality
Documentary Yumi, Water is Life
Marco Melgar International
Fiction O2
Santiago Aguirre National
Campaign OPEN SKY
Iván Rodríguez National
Animation NO JILE
Carolina Davila International
Animation When everyone leaves in their spaceship
Ivonne Ramírez National
Documentary A passion of gold and fire
Pins Sébastien International
Fiction Senses
Jose Vega International
Animation Anonymous Pollutants
Ricardo Ibáñez Ruiz International
Fiction 37°4 S
Adriano Valerio International
Campaign Time is Running Out
Sofía Auza Sierra National
Fiction Biodiversity
Guillermo Chapa International
Documentary The Ocotenco
Miguel Angel Zúñiga Martínez National
Documentary A world divided in two colors
Gabriela Martínez Garza National
Documentary Wirikuta: The Struggle for a Legacy
Héctor Manuel Álvarez Jiménez National
Fiction The Living House
María José Arizti Bonilla National
Documentary Cooking Oil: From Waste to Energy
Snejina Latev National
Documentary Heat warm land
Roberto Hernández González National
Documentary BUKIT DURI, Running Water
Anne Murat International
Animation Temperature
Romeo Alfredo De Paz Flores National
Animation Gardenia
Germán Velasco National
Animation The Big Energy Debate
Javier Ángeles National
Fiction Plantae
Rafael Altamira National
Campaign We all can
José Daniel Aviña Barrientos National
Animation I.
Adrian Regnier Chavez National
Animation C.
Adrian Regnier Chavez National
Fiction Under the sun
Edgar Olvera ¨Gary¨ National
Fiction 7 Sabios
Arnold Abadie National
Fiction How was the play named?
Sergio Mariscal National
Documentary Sowers of water
Roberto Olivares Ruíz National
Fiction Think different
Pablo A. Tonatiuh Álvarez Reyes National
Documentary Transitory
Monica Reyes Olvera National
Juan Pablo Guadarrama Orozco National
Fiction V612
Jhasua Medina Pineda National
Fiction Greenhouse Effect
Diana Angélica Jiménez Dávila National
Animation my sardasht
ziba arzhang International
Campaign Between the Lines
Magali H. Espinosa National
Animation Humanol Plus
Gabo Gedovius National
Fiction It's a lie.
Sergio E. Avilés National
Animation Crossing
Aranzazu Zamora Arceo National
Animation THE ROOT
Animation My Reflection
Daniel Ayala Larracilla National
Documentary The Spoon Revolution
Mauricio Bernádez National
Fiction Lottery
Adolfo Leyva National
Documentary Seeds
Gabriel Herrera National
Fiction Absurd science
Guillermo National
Fiction The last bird
Azeneth Farah National
Fiction The little things
Iñigo Eguren National
Fiction Isaías 1: 25
Maria Conchita Díaz National
Documentary Collapse: Climate Change
Documentary Sky Islands
Luis Miguel García Jasso Juárez National
Animation The Journey
Christoph Müller National
Documentary Mi car is a mosquito
David Schneider National
Animation Don Cipriano seeds
Axel Noguez National
Juan Walle National
Manfred Meiners National
Documentary The Extraordinary
Sofía Auza Sierra National
Documentary Slightly Toxic
Sara Oliveros López National
Documentary Only a dream was necessary
Mónica Edith Velasco García National
Fiction Jacinto's Change
Nower López National
Documentary Homeostasis
Pamela Velázquez National
Campaign Ask Lucho
Luis Antonio Aguilar Orozco National
Documentary Still life
Daniel E Chávez Ontiveros International
Campaign The choice of change
Paola Gómez y Gerardo Ramírez National
Documentary Forest and climate change
Manfred Meiners National
Animation Toxic Tales
Denis Chapon International
Documentary Decompression
Víctor Rejón Cruz y María Tzuc Dzib National
Documentary Ñuu Andaya, Mitlatongo
Uriel López Salazar National
Fiction The Last Ones
Alfonso Méndez Vargas National
Documentary I´ts upon a time my world
Mayra Rivera y Natalia Plascencia National
Fiction Buying Celsius
Miguel Angel Valdes Arenas National
Animation Hopeball
Aylin Arroyo Juárez National
Animation Round and round
Francisco Daniel Cabrera Guzmán National
Documentary Changing Southwest
Mario Braga Miranda National
Fiction Split
Luis Alberto Patiño Arellano National
Fiction Rewind
Alberto Rosas Sierra
Animation RED
Eduardo Antonio Contreras López National
Fiction ON TIME
Luis Fernando Cacho Arce National
Documentary The millennial wrestler
Raul Fernando Colin Roque National
Documentary The Greenhouse Effect
Alejandro Brito Balzaretti National
Fiction Versus
Fredy Sosa National
Fiction Charro's warming
Abraham Robert National
Animation The stone is real
Alejandro Guzmán Aguado National
Fiction Land of no one
Ana Sofia Domínguez Zurutuza National
Campaign The last one.
Alba Sandoval Andrade National
Fiction Lemon sorbet
Sergio Solís National
Fiction Indiference.
Ere Amor National
Fiction Anthropogenic
Fiction Clear Sky
Erick Aaron Arguello Ramos National
Documentary San Francisco Oxtotilpan
Juan Pablo Ortíz Tallavas National
Fiction Dawn
Juan Manuel Erazo National
Fiction Reborn
Nancy National
Fiction THE END
Eduardo Alejandro González González National
Campaign Serendipia
Perla Tatiana Peralta Vigueras National
Campaign Emergency Call
Iker Acha Rubalcava National
Campaign #savethearth
Erick Daniel Virgen Carbajal National
Animation Your movie's Trailer
Jheremayn Téllez National
Animation B-Glitch
Marco Antonio Garfias Herrera National
Animation Santiago´s Life
Roberto Gallegos Pérez National
Animation The last signal
Rubén Zuriel Castro Molina National
Fiction Heat waves
José Luis Alanis Martínez National
Animation Tired to wait
Andrea Natalia Pájaro National
Animation Paradise
David Rodriguez Jaramillo National
Campaign If Trees Could...
Josefina Mata Zetina National