Solid Waste 2014
EcoFilm Festival Solid Waste 2014


From 6th to the October 8th 2014, it was held the 4th edition of the festival by the topic Solid Waste. 852 short films were received and was special guest Candida Brady, a filmmaker who crossed 11 countries for TRASHED filming, with the intention of introducing a new optics on film: landscaping waste. The award ceremony was a night of public recognition to the best of audiovisual creativity in the conservation of Planet Earth. The awards ceremony was the vital and passionate expression that represents the commitment to know, understand, respect and love the life on the world.

Winner Short Films

Official Selection 2014

Category Title Director Nationality
Fiction pollution is not a tale it's a horror story
Jetze Romero National
Campaign Superficial
Alejandro Brito National
Campaign Can
Luis Rodrigo Raudon Sánchez National
Nassos Vakalis International
Documentary The Mr. Opossum's gadgets
Tayde Vargas National
Animation Paper Machine
Isaac Zuren National
Animation Natural conscience
Itzel Miranda , Siggi Noe Gonzalez National
Documentary Organic - The field and The City -
Juan Pablo Rojas National
Documentary Garbage or Resource? A Dominican Republic Experience
Natasha Despotovic International
Documentary Sustaining Santiago
William Hanley International
Campaign The power is in yours hands
Areli Castañeda Morales National
Fiction AGE
Mario Arturo Gordillo Loarca National
Campaign Hokuspokus
Fiction El Tlacuache
Pablo Cesar Lopez Helu International
Fiction Falling girl
Campaign What are you dreams made of?
Diego Bolaños National
Documentary Clay House
Animation It's not trash
Oscar Enrique Guerrero National
Animation It's a plastic world
Andreas Tanner International
Campaign Daily history
Roberto Martínez Báez National
Documentary Trash Orchestra
José Fernando López Rodríguez National
Campaign D B Duo: G and C
Raúl Agapito Escutia Alonso National
Animation A Caveman Story
Daniel Ruiz Vargas National
Fiction CODEX
Fernando Sepúlveda National
Fiction Rubber Walls
Mónica Blumen National
Documentary What happen whit all the food that got wasted in México?
Documentary First Steps
Sebastian Cabrera International
Fiction Reconquest
Juan Walle National
Documentary Eco builders Oaxaca
Animation Humanexus
Ying-Fang Shen International
Animation Cycle and Recycle
Jacobo Moreno Flores National
Animation PETer Plastik
Arnold Abadie National
Animation Together but Separated
Alejandro Brito Balzaretti National
Rubén Zuriel Castro Molina National
Animation The Machine
Rene David Reyes Garcia National
Animation NÁUFRAGO
Edson Castro Garcia National
Animation 2148
Francisco Garcia Guarneros National
Animation The same song
Ricardo Tostado Arévalo National
Campaign The Magic Words
Erick Ramírez Miguel National