9400 Kilómetros

Documental 2018

Jorge Alberto Beltrán Requena

Querétaro, México
Script: Jorge Beltrán | Sara Apartments
Cast: Samira Saab, Fabrizio Colque, Marina Formoso, Laia Montón.

Jorge is 30 years old and lives in Mexico City. Every day he spends 4 hours in his car to go to and from work. Tired of feeling how his life is being consumed in a vehicle, he decides to take a break and take a trip to Barcelona.

Director's profile (s):
He holds a degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication and a Postgraduate in Audiovisual Editing at Pompeu Fabra University. Passionate about the moving image. Interested in collaboration and knowledge sharing, which has led me to participate in audiovisual projects of national and international impact.
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