Ficción 2016

Los Hermanos Herrera (Guillermo Herrera, Rodrigo Herrera)

Dr. Francisco Lutteroth is a scientist who has been living in the middle of the woods for 300 days, testing a self-sustainable artificial inteligence system that is able to manage and run a closed ecosystem in any residence, where diferent species can cohabit. One day, Marisa the public face of the project, arrives and informs Francisco that the final product needs to be finished ahead of schedule, he now has 24 hours to deliver the final version. Francisco is forced to run the system on automatic without knowing he has made a mistake programming; a mistake that will lead him to discover that he will run out of power in a few days and, since he did’t consider these new technology as part of the ecosystem, it will destabilize causing several inner problems. Learning from his mistake, he develops a new version of the system; S.A.I.A. 2.0, which is now part of the ecosystem and considers the dynamic needed and equal priorities for every specie`s survival.
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