Coahuila 2019

With a sustainable environment.

¡Fuerte, Coahuila es!

Coahuila is characterized by its natural heritage which is reflected in the diversity of flora and fauna, as well as in the presence of different representative ecosystems in the north of the country. In general, more than 90% of the vegetation of the state is in natural or primary conditions, which means a challenge for this administration its conservation and restoration, as well as the one of guarantee to the coahuilenses a healthy environment where live.

To achieve this, public policies on environmental education will be strengthened, to encourage people to become more knowledgeable and participate in activities related to their well-being, as well as in the health of natural systems and the conservation of biodiversity. The environmental legislation of Coahuila is very clear regarding the responsibilities of individuals, companies and governments , that is why the application of the law must always have the support of the appropriate instances and , above all, with the public denunciation as the center of social participation to attend a greater number of fouls and environmental crimes. To breathe clean air, to have access to water of sufficient quality, to conserve the natural patrimony and to live within acceptable limits within the law and health parameters, will allow the present and following generations to enjoy a healthy life in a healthy environment.