About The Festival

ECOFILM is an International Environmental Short Film Festival, held annually in Mexico.

It responds to the need to raise awareness on environmental topics, promoting audiovisual production and ecological culture with solutions that balance human beings in interaction with their environment.

Supports its actions through collaboration and partnership with institutions, companies and individuals committed to the priority environmental issues on the international agenda. The exchange of ideas is melted in a single event: competition between artists, screenings, lectures, special guests; a prism of ideas, visions and emotions with a new understanding of the world.

Emmanuel Acha EcoFilm Hombre Naturaleza

Emmanuel Acha

Passionate about nature and aware of current environmental problems, Emmanuel has fought to promote respect for nature and its conservation by sharing this message with his audience as a wake-up call about the urgency of taking action to preserve the environment and learn to live in harmony with this one.

Emmanuel began spreading messages in various media, his songs and tours to raise awareness of environmental issues, then convened and participated in various days of garbage collection and reforestation and restoration of forests and jungles.

In addition to these activities, Emmanuel founded the civil association Hombre Naturaleza in 1996 that acts for conservation, education and environmental communication Man Nature A.C. carries out year after year reforestation days of the Siembra Vida campaign and has managed to plant more than 2,500,000 trees by 2015.

Organizing Committee

Emmanuel Acha

Chairman of the Board

Mercedes Alemán

General Direction

Silvana Gesualdo

General Coordination

Mónica Martínez

Attached Coordination

Petrushka Sainz

Art Direction

Omar Olaes


Winner Short Films

2020 - Renewable Energies